The articles or baggage which our customers were using abroad and which could not be brought when they come, can be brought even after their arrival using ASA’s services. The Baggage at any of the international airports, or Customs ports, Land Customs stations and Inland Container Depots can be cleared using Aghil Shipping Agencies Services. Points to be remembered when engaging us for baggage clearance:
    • If you are sending your baggage by sea, ensure that you make arrangements to ship it to India within one month of your arrival in India. If you are sending it by air, you should do so within a fortnight of your arrival in India. The limit can be extended to three months and two months respectively by the Assistant Commissioner on being satisfied that the goods could not be shipped within the aforsaid period in spite of the passenger having taken all steps for the purpose. The time limit can be further extended by the Commissioner.
  • If you want to send your baggage before your arrival to India, ensure that it lands within two months prior to your arrival. The time limits of two months can be extended to four months, by the Assistant Commissioner and one year by the Commissioner if he is satisfied that the passenger was prevented from arriving in India within the period of two months due to circumstances beyond his control such as the sudden illness of the passenger or a member of the family, natural calamity or disturbed conditions or disruption in transport or travel arrangements in the country concerned